Rating of Electric Cars by Price

At present, more and more cars are on the roads of our country every year. They can be both diesel and gasoline, and sometimes you can find gasoline with installed gas equipment.

Рейтинг электрокаров по цене

Rating of Electric Cars by price

However, in view of the current situation with the pollution of atmospheric air with exhaust gases and their accumulation in big cities and megacities, people are increasingly thinking about the need to use alternative fuel sources and fundamentally new technologies in transport. One of such technologies, which already mankind begins to use massively are electric cars.

Many of the operating concerns of car manufacturers have long ago presented their concept cars of electric vehicles launched in mass production. The number of such machines is growing every year, but their availability in the car market is predetermined by the price factor. Therefore, consider the seven most frequently represented electric vehicles on the market and compile their rating for the price.

7. The seventh place is occupied by Renault Zoe, which is estimated at 21 500 euros. This electric vehicle can travel up to 210 km without additional charge. At the same time it can easily accommodate up to five people. And unlike other cars, the Renault Zoe can charge up to 80% of charging in half an hour at maximum charging, which is quite convenient and fast and allows you to stay on the road.

6. The sixth place should be given to the Chevrolet Spark EV with a bid price of $ 25,000. Without charging the car can drive only up to 132 km. However, at this price, the car is equipped with a quick charge function, which in 20 minutes accumulates up to 80% of the charge. The only drawback of this car is its capacity – it will hardly accommodate five people, since the car has three doors.

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5. The fifth place is Ford Focus Electric, for which they ask for $ 29,000. At the same time, it should be noted that this electric vehicle is a continuation of the Ford Focus line familiar to all car enthusiasts. On a full battery this car can drive up to 160 km., And five people can comfortably ride in it.

4. The fourth place in the rating of affordable electric vehicles is occupied by Nissan LEAF. In dealerships it is offered to buy for $ 29,000. For this price, the customer receives an electric vehicle that can drive without charging up to 175 km and a capacity of five people. According to the design, this car is very similar to its fellow Renault Zoe.

3. The third place is honorably occupied by Kia Soul EV from the Korean car industry with a bid price of $ 33,000.


Электрокар Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV


Of the characteristics of this car should be noted that without charging it is possible to travel up to 210 km and it easily accommodates five people. At the same time, the manufacturer allowed himself to equip the car with additional devices and functions (for example, a car parker).

2. BMW i3 on the market costs 42 000 US dollars and this is the second place in the rating. This electric car without charge will easily pass up to 190 km. And in addition to the dynamic electric motorist, the car enthusiast will receive a multifunctional auto and classic design from BMW.

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1. The first place is by right Tesla Model S, which is estimated at 75 000 US dollars. And this assessment is objective, since this electric vehicle can travel without charging from 390 to 500 km. And besides this, the buyer gets the best complete car, which combines quality, comfort and safety.


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