Opel Ampera – Electric Car Review

The German company Opel in March 2011 on the stage of the Geneva auto show presented the world its creation with a hybrid engine – Opel Ampera. This is not the first appearance of Ampera in public: in 2009, the auto giant presented a prototype of the now existing, serial, version.

The appearance of the electric car allowed the company to reach a qualitatively new level, expand the segment of the “green” market. The non-standard technology of obtaining energy for movement, which was not previously used in the automotive industry, allowed this model to loudly announce itself from the first days of the exhibition.


Opel Ampera review

This technology was developed taking into account the interests of consumers. The power-generating system that drives the Opel Ampera is to use an electric drive that draws electricity from the battery. Such a battery-battery can be charged from energy sources suitable for household appliances with a voltage of 220V.

Электромобиль Opel Ampera

Opel Ampera electric car

The car’s specifications state that the electric car can drive at a speed of 160 km / h without stopping for a distance of up to 60 km.

Despite serious intentions of General Motors to begin deliveries of this car to America and other European countries, its release was stopped in 2015 due to the low level of sales.

The advantage of Ampera is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 16 kW / h. If the driver wants to extend the trip, the second part of the fuel delivery system comes to the rescue, it’s a gasoline engine. Thus, with a full tank the hybrid is able to travel more than 500 km without recharging and refueling. The process of fully charging the battery-battery takes significantly less than that of its competitors – only 3 hours.

To save resources, the GM Delta II platform has a built-in regenerative braking system. This platform is one of four that GeneralMotors is ready to develop after 2015, abandoning 22 obsolete and not having prospects in the future.

The system of regenerative braking is one of the reasons for the pride in the company Opel. This system allows you to significantly reduce fuel consumption: both gasoline and electricians. To describe its effectiveness, it is necessary to sound a few figures: when braking at a speed of 120 km / h, almost two-ton Ampera is able to save one megajoule of energy. This amount will be enough for a light bulb with a power of 60 watts to burn, without stopping for eight hours.

Up to a mark of 100 km / h, a hybrid can accelerate in nine seconds. This indicator was achieved thanks to a lightweight body, correct aerodynamics and aluminum wheels. The front part of the car is more massive than the rear, this shape gives the Ampera its impressiveness and reliability. By European standards, the car falls under the definition of the C-class – almost 5.5 meters in length and 1.7 meters in width.


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Opel Ampere review and test drive

This electric car was honored to win the glory of a car of a representative class. The design is made in the spirit of a new generation of hybrid cars with a breeze of elegance that intertwines with serious technical characteristics.

In the appearance of Ampera, a clear relationship with the Chevrolet Volt, which gives an atmosphere. The relationship of the two cars is supported by the use of the same Delta II platform with McPherson struts in the front of the body and a semi-independent suspension in the rear. Shortly after the presentation of the concept in 2009, Opel revised some of the design solutions, so the production of the hybrid was further under the flag of giving the appearance of recognizable branded properties in the lines of trim and suspension.

In general, the team of designers and engineers managed to create a modern appearance, different from the model range of analogues. The front part of the body has pronounced headlights, which all fit into the rest of the ensemble of lines and figures. The rear of the body is distinguished by more sophisticated headlights, but it supports the idea of ​​a massive bumper and the precision of the parts.

A reliable car from a German manufacturer has in its bundle many useful features that will make any trip enjoyable. Since the Ampera is an electric car – movement in the car is noiseless and with no desired vibrations.

Safe movement is guaranteed by checked belts and airbags. The car security system will come to the rescue. A unique system is based on the use of digital surveillance cameras that connect to the owner’s account and allow you to monitor the car around the clock using a smartphone or PC.

Analysis of test drive results allowed to improve the electric car in accordance with the wishes of the focus group.


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