New Electric Cars Overview

New Electric Cars Overview

The future has already come!

Optimistic and somewhat adventurous, but absolutely confident is the “Era of gadgets on wheels”, if we talk about the non-subsiding expansion of “iron horses on batteries” into the life of car enthusiasts of our planet. Publicism on the topic of changing ICE and the absolute monopoly of electric motors is so much that it is not even an hour – the science fiction writers will be able to narrate about flights to distant worlds on missiles with batteries from the Montana watch. Nevertheless, leaving the jokes aside, let us hold an up-to-date review of several popular models of cars with electric drive.



France is in the forefront.

Overview of the Renault ZOE


Let’s study the love of the people in the masterpieces of French fashion and start with the success of Renault ZOE, due to the recent announcement of the restyling version of this model, whose performance is presented at the close of 2016 on the platform of the Paris Auto Exposition.

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

The developers of this compact car have worked hard and supplied it with a reinforced battery pack, increasing the power reserve almost twice – from 240 to 400 kilometers.

At the same time, they did not overload the interior of the hatchback with deliberate elements of futurism. In keeping with the loyalty of the renowned tradition, the salon remained standard. Here you can still see the parking brake lever, while the competitor, and even the serial ICE carriers, it is persistently replaced by a button. Particularly noticeable is the handwriting and its well-developed style of interior design along the round air duct deflectors, steering wheel and the climate control unit.

Great test drive Renault Zoe

To non-standard solutions for the French, you can include a digital instrument panel that changes its color depending on the dynamics of driving. The exterior of the frisky French “auto-vegan”, according to the idea of ​​the chief designer of the project, Lawrence Van den Aker, remained not much changed. At the same place, you can watch daytime running lights, mounted in a bumper and an updated rear optics, changing the color flow: when turned off, it looks delicately blue, and when the lamps are on, it shines with red and yellow light.

“Electrification – in the national economy!”


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Review of Renault Canggu

Continue to praise the success of the nation, famous for its ability to set the tone for fashion, and move on to the next model of the green line from Renault – the minivan Kangoo ZE, whose range will also increase in the short term. The premiere of the modification with increased power reserve, according to preliminary data, sets a task to demonstrate the nominal value of 270 kilometers of run on one charge, which is one hundred kilometers higher than the performance of the serial version. According to the bold statements of the developers of the modernized Kangoo Z.E, such an indicator deserves a victory in the category “the best in the class of electric vans”.

Review and test drive electric car Renault Canggu

“Electro-prize of audience sympathy”.

No less surprised was the audience with the maximum power reserve and the electric version of the Logan sedan from Prime Motors, the company responsible for its development. It is not appropriate to equate this model and draw deep parallels with the rival – the legendary Tesla Model S, and yet, if it concerns abilities, then Logan is not inferior to the American sedan in the duration of the run on one charge.

Judge for yourself, eco-modification of the available “Frenchman” without difficulties overcomes 500 kilometers on one snatch! It is worth to clarify that this refers to the extra equipment, and the series will go electric cars a little more modest, whose capabilities range from 125 to 250 kilometers at the maximum battery charge.


So, let’s sum up.

According to the results of sales for the first quarter of this year. The peak of popularity went to the Renault ZOE. His lucky owners became the order of nine thousand inhabitants of the Old World, allowing this machine to deservedly take the first place on the pedestal of the five most successful environmental vehicles.


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The second place of euroriting is now at the leader of world sales, i.е. – the famous Nissan Leaf.

Nissan Leaf (Ниссан Лиф)

Nissan Leaf car

A colleague from the concern with a Frenchman sold out to the European consumer about six thousand “boards”.

Three of the prize places is closed by the Bavarian automotive industry with its BMW i3, its figure reaches an approximate mark – four thousand cars sold. To be fairly consistent, it is worth noting that the “hybrids” of the Rex version, in which the ICE plays the role of a battery generator, did not participate in the nomination.

Legendary Tesla Model S and Model X took pride of place – the fourth and fifth, being distributed in the garages of the owners of the old lady-Europe at 3715 and 2902 units respectively.


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Nevertheless, the world analyst does not give an opportunity to count on the “retirement banquet” of the brainchild Ilona Mask.

Bonus. Chevrolet: Switch On “Bolt”

General Motors, recalling itself in this segment, is preparing a position on the market with the presentation of the new electric car Chevrolet Bolt, which claimed power reserve will be more than 300 kilometers. Well, we wish good luck to all the players of the Green Run, expecting that their efforts will be of indispensable benefit to us with you and our planet!


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