Nissan Leaf Overview

Car Name

Initially, it seems strange the name of the car, which from English translates as a sheet. Perhaps the Japanese found the similarity of the front of the car with a piece of wood.

Car Design

The common problem of all electric cars is a strange design. So, the BMW i3 or Renault Twizy looks unusual. But this does not apply to today’s guest, since Nissan looks rather modest, which, however, is rather good.

Электрокар Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

The car is a typical five-door hatchback, quite spacious for Class C. The length of the car is 4500 millimeters, the height is 2700 millimeters. But the minus is a rather large mass – 1600 kilograms, however, this gives quite good stability. The body is quite aerodynamic, but it looks original from the front. The luggage compartment is quite decent, with a volume of 330 liters.

The feature of this car is a completely digital front panel. The speedometer is displayed on the driver’s glass, which sends us to an unsuccessful car BMW – GT fifth series, which failed due to a lack of a guide.



The engine seems to be thin, especially for a fairly heavy car. His power hardly exceeds a hundred. The power reserve is small – no more than 200 kilometers, but this is achieved only when the car does not spend energy on anything else. It is expected that when using climate control, the distance will not be more than 120 kilometers. The engine is charged for about a third of the day when using a stationary charging station. Acceleration lazy – up to 100 kilometers per hour for twelve seconds, the maximum speed is hardly more – only 160 kilometers per hour. Drive, as well as the layout of the engine – front.

The main features of Nissan Leaf

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Why do we need this car, which is of little use to a Russian person? It is not intended for long trips, it moves at a slow speed, it takes a long time to charge. The car is more like a show car, which only shows the future, however, a little from him. Although the meaning of it is still there – that type of people whose route is no more than the way home-work.

But paying for such a pleasure of 35 thousand euros, which in terms of our money will be about one and a half million rubles – is highly doubtful.


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