How to choose the right electric child car

Children’s electric cars. How to choose and buy good electric car

All parents who want to surprise their children with an unusual gift, it is worth buying an electric car. The unit, which is similar to a car, can cause any child to have a storm of enthusiasm and many other positive emotions. Shops offer a large range of electric vehicles, so it is worth investigating what the distinctive features of the proposed models are.

The principle of the device for these devices is approximately the same. They work according to the scheme: pressing the pedal causes movement, lifting the foot – leads to a stop. The main differences between these models are associated with the availability of additional devices and a variety of configurations.


Детские электромобили

Baby electric vehicles

Convenient models designed for the youngest drivers are a design in the form of a wheelchair that can be controlled from the console or with the help of pedals. Such a car, as a rule, is equipped with one chair, is provided for a child weighing not more than 10 kilograms, the speed of movement can be 2 kilometers per hour.

Electric cars for children about seven years have additional options, such as reverse movement, turning on the headlights, imitating the sounds of a running motor, equipping the car with four wheels, or two, but with safety discs. In some models, there are two pedals – brakes and gas. The driver’s weight should not exceed 30 kilograms, the vehicle speed can reach 7 km / h.

Machines for the age category from seven to ten years old look like real cars. It is necessary to control such a device after acquaintance with the basic rules of driving. Some models from this range have a gearbox, which makes it possible to adjust the speed. Such machines are able to withstand a child weighing more than 50 kilograms. The car has opening doors and dipped headlights. Each kid, who controls such a technical device, can feel like a real driver.

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Choosing the appropriate model of an electric vehicle, you should pay attention to its power. Usually the battery charge on average is enough for one hour of continuous use. The small capacity or inability of the device to hold a charge for long will not allow the child to enjoy the trip.


Some cars are equipped with special reconstructions to mitigate the blows. They will be able to provide protection in the inevitable clashes with the objects of the outside world.

When choosing a car, you should also pay attention to the size of the body, its carrying part, the load that it can withstand. The strength of the body is a guarantee of reliable and safe operation.


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