Tesla Model X and Tesla S Electric Cars

The American automobile company Tesla, which produces electric vehicles, was founded in 2003. However, the world became famous only a couple of years ago, when the governments of different countries began to encourage the purchase of Tesla cars by subsidizing and providing various benefits for the population.

Tesla S Review

Электромобиль Tesla S

Tesla S Electric Car

The most famous car produced by the company is the Tesla S. This five-door liftback is produced in 2012 and has already outscored the popularity of many old-timers in the automotive market with traditional engines. Moreover, in 2016, an updated and more advanced version of the model was released.




After the failure of the crash test in 2013, when the car caught fire, the company did some work on the bugs and strengthened the bottom of the car with aluminum bars, a titanium plate and an aluminum shield. Also, the design bureau meets innovation and equips the model S with an autopilot. True, this innovation led to the tragedy, because the imperfection of this system killed a man.


The car was very elegant and concise. It is immediately evident that this is a business class. However, there is nothing outstanding in the design of the model. The main feature is the smooth lines of the body. The most effective electric car looks in bright red. Bright red – the corporate color of Tesla. In the cabin everything is thought out to the smallest detail, there is nothing superfluous. Of course, the main highlight of the interior is a large rectangular touch screen, or on-board supercomputer, thanks to which you can control all the systems of the car.


Engine electric capacity of 306 horsepower. In general, the power of electric motors is usually shown in kilowatts, but in cars, horsepower is more familiar.

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The maximum possible speed is 210 km / h.

The battery capacity is 60 kW / h.

The power reserve on one charge is 375 km.

Such a usual component of the transmission as a gear box in a car, of course, no.

Dimensions of the car: 4976/1963/1435.


Great test drive Tesla Model S

Model S is a business card of Tesla. Moreover, it is a sample of an electric car of a business class. No matter how, according to technical characteristics, the design and the intreier are in no way inferior to the traditional models. Unfortunately, there is no official Tesla dealer in the Russian Federation, so those wishing to purchase this model will have to pay for the delivery of the car from Europe. Thus, the electric car will cost the buyer about six million rubles. Someone is expensive, someone is cheaper.


Tesla Model X Review

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X is a very interesting novelty in the world of electric cars. Production of an electric crossover began in 2015. The emergence of Model X is due to Model S, as it is built on the basis of this particular model.


Safety of the car at the highest level. The package includes eight airbags and numerous electrical appliances, including a full autopilot and a camera with a circular view.


This model attracts the eye with its unusual design. Of course, it’s hard to say at first glance that the X model is a full-fledged crossover. In fact, the designers of the company faced the task of blending many styles and creating something truly unique and, judging by the feedback, this task was successfully accomplished. The design features are the rear doors, which open up, just like in real sports cars. Moreover, one can not ignore the huge windshield, which provides an excellent view. The interior of the car is made of high quality materials: leather, soft plastic, carbon, wood, aluminum. The interior is very elegant and concise. In general, the interior and exterior of the X model fully meets all Tesla standards.

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Two electric motors total power: 373 horsepower.

The maximum possible speed is 225 km / h.

The battery capacity is 70 kW / h.

The power reserve on one charge is 400 km.

Vehicle overall dimensions: 5004/2083/1626


Test drive of Tesla Model X

Model X – this is a real breakthrough in the market of electric cars, because it is equipped with the latest technology. Moreover, we can say that this model is even one step ahead. That is, it is ahead of its time. It is possible to buy an electric-rover at a price of six million rubles.

So, two “brothers” are considered, which have common brand features. But, nevertheless, each of them is unique in its own way and is a hero of its time. We can say that Tesla already produces cars of the future.


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