TESLA X: Review, Test Drive, Specifications

The history of electric cars begins with the invention of an electric motor in 1827 by Anoshosh Ishtvan Yedlik, and the first electric vehicle was built by the Dutchman Symbrandus Stratin in 1835. Unfortunately, the development has not progressed further. And only now, aware of the small residues of oil products stocks and the bad ecological situation in the world, mankind is looking for substitutes for all customary internal combustion engines. And the replacement is still one – the electric motor. There is no third.

Электромобиль TESLA X P85

 TESLA X P85 Electric car

Leading car manufacturers at the moment have at least one serial electric vehicle.

The technical characteristics of some brands surpass those of fuel colleagues, and the power reserve is rapidly increasing and will soon be equal to the stock of the usual cars.



Great test drive of TESLA MODEL X

Consider the car TESLA X P85

• As for the interior, it is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers using expensive materials. These are leather seats, inserts of dark wood. The panel is also fully covered with leather.

• Electric motor with a declared capacity of 416 horsepower. In general, the power is emitted in kilowatts, but in this case the familiar horsepower for easy comparison.

• Acceleration to 100 km / h is 4.4 seconds.

• The maximum speed is 250 km / h.

• The maximum mileage without recharging is 424 kilometers.

• Wheels 245/45 R19.

Suspension is standard, spring.

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• Adaptive bi-xenon headlights.

• Rear view camera with parking assist function for easy parking.

• The central console has a large touch screen, through which all systems of the car are controlled

• Two trunks – in the front and back.

• Door handles with electric drive.

• The trunk also has an electric drive.

• The front seats are heated and electrically operated.

• The memory of the settings of all functions of the car is calculated for up to 10 drivers.

Review of Tesla X

Having considered the parameters of this car, there comes an understanding of the imminent advent of the era of electric vehicles. But, unfortunately, at this point in time a copy is not available to a simple working class because of market value.

Электромобиль TESLA X

TESLA X Electric Car

The advantages of electric cars

• Economical versus energy / fuel consumption.

• Saving money for servicing the vehicle.

• Security. On the crash test car received five points and was recognized as the safest car in 2014. The safety is achieved due to the lack of an internal combustion engine and its hinged units. Due to the batteries installed in the floor niche, which add extra rigidity to the body. Well, eight airbags.

• Technologies used.

The disadvantages of electric cars

• The cost of the car is an order of magnitude higher than the brothers with internal combustion engines.

• Lack of specialized filling stations.

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• Strong battery discharge at low temperatures and with sudden changes in weather conditions, which is typical for the conditions of Russia.

• The cost of batteries.

Although the advantages of electric vehicles are very attractive, nevertheless, the disadvantages have a significant impact on the sales of electric vehicles in our country. The company Tesla promises to soon release an electric car TESLA MODEL 3, the so-called “treshka” with good declared parameters.

Such as a range of up to 400 kilometers, recharging up to 80 percent for 20 minutes at the specialized refueling company TESLA. Moreover, it is free for the consumer. Acceleration to hundreds in six seconds, and most importantly – affordable cost. While changing several minuses to the pluses, it is possible that sales of electric cars will go up sharply and after a certain time the internal combustion engine can only be seen in the museum as part of the history of the automotive industry. Or the most conservative pensioners.


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