Electric cars for children: an overview of online stores

Baby electric vehicles

Almost every kid dreams of driving his own vehicle.

Electric cars differ in battery power, appearance, number of seats, age category. There are two main age categories of babies for whom electric vehicles are intended: the youngest children and drivers older than 5 years. On average, electric vehicles are designed for children under 8 years of age, but it all depends on the weight of the child. Some teenagers can also ride a quad bike or motorcycle. In this article you can find out about brands that produce electric cars for children.

Electric cars include quad bikes, motorcycles, cars. They can differ in height and length of the product.

Электромобили для детей

Electric cars for children

To buy an electric car is not only for fun, but also for studying the rules of the road by a child. With the help of an electric car, a small person will be able to learn the basic rules of the road in practice. For this, the parent will need to lay out improvised roads and use toy traffic lights for the game. And friends can go in the role of pedestrians who comply with or violate the basic rules of conduct on the road.

Where can I buy a high-quality electric car?


To buy an electric car, many parents can choose a market with children’s products. However, he will not always be able to meet expectations. After all, in most cases, Chinese electric vehicles are sold in the markets, which can not boast, alas, quality and durability. Most often they are very cheap, but they fail very quickly. It is almost impossible to fix such models.

In the market you can also find expensive electric cars that are produced in Italy. However, apart from too high a price, they have nothing to boast about. They do not have very high quality parts or a special assembly. In this case, the buyer pays only for the brand.


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Internet shops.

The main assistants in the selection and purchase of electric vehicles can become online stores. They provide a fairly wide range of products of this category for various prices. The greatest popularity is acquired by electric vehicles of American manufacturers. They offer goods of reasonable price and medium quality, which is suitable for most parents.

For buyers, online stores provide photos and all technical characteristics of the product, which can significantly save time searching for a gift.


Internet shops where you can buy children’s electric cars:

1. https://www.detmir.ru/catalog/index/name/electromobily
A wide choice of electric cars, jeeps, motorcycles, ATVs at a pleasant price.

2. www.dochkisinochki.ru
In the presence of more than 40+ models of children’s electric vehicles, a children’s electric double car, prices from 2000 rubles. Buy an electric car with free delivery in Moscow.

3. babadu.ru
Children’s electric cars with remote control for children of different ages, batteries for children’s electric car on 6v 12ah. Children’s electric car jeep on rubber wheels.

4. http://carsforkids.ru/katalog/internet-magazin/elektromobili
Available: jeeps, ATVs, cars, motorcycles, batteries, chargers.

5. 5pravil.ru/cat/detskie-elektromobili-tesla.html
Sale of electric cars for children Tesla


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