Chevrolet Bolt: characteristics, price

Chevrolet Bolt

Recently, the popularity of electric vehicles has increased. Although they are not very common, manufacturers are confident in the bright future of environmentally friendly transport. So “Chevrolet” and created Bolt. His first show took place in early 2016.

People agreed that the electric car turned out to be quite pleasant in appearance – small in size, but the capacious hatchback does not repel its appearance, but does not try to exceed all expectations. Thanks to the curved lines of windows, the car looks easy when in fact its weight is at least 1624 kilograms.


Электромобиль Chevrolet Bolt

Electromobile Chevrolet Bolt

What’s inside of him? Hatchback got LED optics, which will provide good visibility at night.

Power plant with a capacity of 204 horsepower will accelerate the Bolt to 140 km / h,

typing a hundred in 7 seconds – a very good result for a car of this class. If the peak intensity of the regenerative deceleration is switched on, the driver will be able to control acceleration and deceleration only with the gas pedal. The charge necessary for engine operation will store lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 60kW / h, which is enough for 320km of driving. A regular household power supply and a 7.2 kW unit will charge the batteries in 9 hours, but an additional option in the form of a system for connecting to a direct current source will reduce this time to an hour.

Chevrolet Bolt is equipped with a front-wheel drive platform with independent front suspension McPherson and semi-independent rear. An electric booster is installed, which can cause some drivers to be dissatisfied, which it will interfere with feel of the car.

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In the salon you can see a nice minimalism, and most of all, a 10-inch display flashes in the eye. Under the screen is a climate control unit. The dashboard is also made in the form of a display on which you can see a large number of buttons and switches.

The seats are designed correctly and are well tuned, and the rear sofa though looks flat, but is not so. The luggage compartment is also impressive – 478 liters with the seats laid out, and if they are folded, even with the fact that the flat floor does not form, the volume increases to 1603 liters. By the way, the rear sofa is folded asymmetrically.


Review of Chevrolet Bolt

Possessing a large number of additional options, the hatchback has already been put into production in the USA and is very promising. In the west, it costs 37,500 dollars, but when you consider that the authorities give customers environmentally friendly car payment of $ 7500, the cost drops to 30000. Safe, comfortable, and a “green” car can not gain much success in Russia, if at all, will be sold here , but do not underestimate it. At the base of this machine has got a 10-inch display, ten airbags, heated front seats, a variety of electronic assistants, and so on. All this without taking into account additional options, which are also many. So it’s worth waiting for the appearance of this car in Russia.

Although he does not gain the prohibitive speeds, Bolt must perfectly cope with the tasks. Perhaps one day all of humanity will move to clean transport like this car. While manufacturers try to make their cars for internal combustion engines the most efficient and minimize environmental emissions of harmful gases. Perhaps we can still save the planet from complete pollution.

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