BMW i3 Electric Car Overview

To date, the production of electric vehicles – one of the most promising areas in the automotive industry. A large number of companies are developing their own electric cars. Moreover, the German automobile company BMW has created in 2011 a whole unit, whose task is to develop and produce electric cars and hybrid cars. The result of this unit was the i3 model. Consider two competitors: BMW i3 and Mitsubishi I MiEV.

Электрокар bmw i3

bmw i3

BMW i3 – urban electric hatchback, sales of which began in late 2013. Moreover, this is the first car produced by a new division of the German automaker.


For safety, various innovative driver assistance systems are installed. For example, assistant driving and parking. According to the results of crash tests conducted in the US, the German electric car meets the necessary requirements, but the model could not get the maximum estimate.


Appearance is very specific. From the side it resembles a stranger from outer space, or an envoy from the future. But that’s the way it should be, because it’s an innovative electric car. This is the world’s first mass-produced electric car, the body of which is made of CFRP. Moreover, 50 percent is made from recycled materials. A distinctive feature of the design are the rear doors opening back. The interior was very concise. In the cabin everything is thought through to the smallest detail. In addition, all interior details are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are made from renewable and recyclable raw materials.


The electric motor capacity of 169 horsepowers.

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The battery capacity is 27.2 kW / h.

The range at the bottom of the charge is 240 km.

Transmission in the usual sense is not and can not be.

Vehicle overall dimensions: 3999/1775/1578

Overview of the BMW i3: design, exterior, charging and power reserve

Video review of BMW i3: doors, battery, layout, interior BMW I3

Video review of BMW i3: doors, battery, layout, interior BMW I3

The BMW i3 is a true electric urban hatchback. Moreover, it is the car of the future. no matter how, and the model is made of environmentally friendly materials and 100% friendly to the environment.

The starting price in Russia is more than four million rubles.

Find a competitor to a German electric car is a very difficult task.


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