Assembly of a children’s electric vehicle

Step-by-step guide to assembling an electric car

Assembly of an electric vehicle using the Merceds-Benz model as an example

We take out and unpack the wheels.
We take out and unpack the hood.
We get the cover.
We take the helm.
We get the seat.
We take out the front glass.
We get the rear window.
Install the rear wheel. We tighten the “balonnik”.
Install the front wheel. We tighten the “balonnik”.
Install the steering wheel.
Install the seat.
Install the windshield.
Install the battery (observe the polarity).
Installation of the hood (no gaps should not remain. Everything rises clearly).
Installing the rear wall (it snaps into the grooves until it clicks).
We put the spare.
Installation of side and front thresholds.


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