BMW i3 Electric Car Overview

Электрокар bmw i3

To date, the production of electric vehicles – one of the most promising areas in the automotive industry. A large number of companies are developing their own electric cars. Moreover, the German automobile company BMW has created in 2011 a… Continue Reading


Volkswagen e-Golf Overview

Электромобиль Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf On our review was the first, fully electric Golf. Although frankly speaking, it certainly is not the first, this generation is considered the second, updated, after the Golf E appeared some time ago. Volkswagen calls this machine the… Continue Reading


Chevrolet Bolt: characteristics, price

Электромобиль Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt Recently, the popularity of electric vehicles has increased. Although they are not very common, manufacturers are confident in the bright future of environmentally friendly transport. So “Chevrolet” and created Bolt. His first show took place in early 2016.… Continue Reading


Nissan Leaf Overview

Электрокар Nissan Leaf

Car Name Initially, it seems strange the name of the car, which from English translates as a sheet. Perhaps the Japanese found the similarity of the front of the car with a piece of wood. Car Design The common problem… Continue Reading


Electric Vehicle of Fuel-Cell System

Водородный легковой автомобиль Toyota Mirai

Recent years have become crucial in the development and implementation of electric vehicles without hybrid plants and any use of internal combustion engines. Leaders in the development of electric vehicle technology are currently the companies Tesla and Toyota, which, however,… Continue Reading